Catálogo de maillots de Gimnasia Rítmica.


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Rhythmic gymnastics leotards. Discover our range in our catalog of leotards, to help you shine during your rhythmic exercise. Alternatively, create your completely custom rhythm leotard to your own specifications.



VINKOVA Leotards rhythmic gymnastics leotards. We work hard to offer spectacular leotard and tights designs at a fair price. From € 79.00 you can get a leotard with the latest design for your rhythmic gymnastics exercise. Our leotards for rhythmic gymnastics are made with 100% with bi-directional elastic lycra and include everything you need to release it. You can view our entire collection at this link. We constantly update our catalog of rhythmic leotard designs.



Customize each leotard available in our catalog, choosing the options that you like the most to make a leotard to your liking. You have at your disposal the choice of sleeves, skirt finishes, and glassware placement. In addition to this, all prices are established upfront during the configuration of your rhythmic gymnastics leotard. Remember that all our prices have Spanish VAT included.

The AB crystals used in the decoration are high gloss, giving a clean sparkle to enhance the leotard.

You also have the option of making a completely tailored design with our bespoke design leotard option, with several set options to choose from.



Choose your rhythmic gymnastics leotard with our new fluorine inks, powerful and intense colors to be as you deserve on the mat. They will give your leotard a unique touch to impress everyone with our new prints.

You can choose the fluorine inks in your rhythmic leotard with a 100% personalized design.



We offer delivery 8 weeks after payment has been completed. In times of high workload these dates tend to vary, therefore, if you have a competition and you need the leotard for a specific date, let us know so we can get your delivery to you on time. Equally We recommend placing the order between two and a half months and 3 months before the necessary date to ensure delivery is prompt. If you order a size test, you will need to leave more time for delivery. You can request this at this link .



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