How to order

1. Choose design

Choose a design from those available on the website or ask us to develop the design you want here.

2. Ask for a size test

We always recommend requesting a size test so as not to fail, remember that we do not make a refund once the jersey is made.

3. Choose your size and accessories.

Once you have chosen the design and size, you must choose between all the customization options for the jersey, sleeves, collars, tulle, fringes and glassware.

4. Make the payment.

Make the payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Once the payment is received, we will start working on your jersey, in approximately 8 weeks you will have it at home.



  1. Choose the jersey that you like the most, if not, you can request your personalized jersey here .
  2. Select the size, remember that we have our size list , you can take it as guidance . We always recommend that you request our sizing leotards , you will know the size that best suits you. Remember that we do not accept returns, since we manufacture to order and to measure.
  3. Select the options that best suit what you need, you can choose the option of with or without sleeves, with or without crystals (and of these with or without placement), type of skirt, etc … From this moment you will be able to see the price of the jersey and change it until you find the budget that best suits you, remember that we show VAT at all times, it seems better to us that you see what you are going to pay at all times, without scares.
  4. Delivery date: We always give an approximate date of 8 weeks from the order, keep in mind that it is an estimated and indicative time, we try to deliver them earlier, but it may be the case that at times of many orders and due to work overload we are delayed, if we estimate that the delayed time is too high we will notify you so you can choose what to do.
  5. Select your payment method, you can do it via credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.
  6. Enjoy!!! We hope it matches exactly what you expected and that you tell us about it.