Manufacture of polypropylene gowns. non-woven 50gr / m

Some information for the manufacture of sanitary gowns.

First of all, the material used to manufacture the gowns is 100% polypropylene. 50gr / m non-woven fabric

Regarding the pattern and the manufacturing instructions, they have been made by Maria Orduna , neighbor of Pamplona.

As an initial advice, I think the way of making is faster if it is done in blocks, that is, first all the sleeves are sewn, then the entire sleeve and shoulder closure, the strips …

In order to do this process, I think it would be convenient to make a whole gown at the beginning to be able to understand the patterns and all their assembly well.

The way of making these gowns as many of us have a domestic machine is explained with a simple zigzag.

This same process also works with industrialists.

This fabric does not have a specific front and back. Both sides are valid.






Explanatory work done by Maria Orduna Thank you very much for your work and that of all those who do their bit.

Here are the patterns in real size in vector PDF:

How to fold the gowns:

Life-size patterns for COVID-19 gowns

We would like to thank all the people who have made donations for the purchase of material and name all the people who have wanted to support this movement by lending their machines and their hands to be able to make these gowns:

The family of the haberdashery La Algodonera

Pérez Ágreda Family

Maria Orduna

Marga Calles

Sonia Royo

Leyre Tardío Martos

Begoña Pires Paniagua

Martha Cusquillo

Esther Arteaga Hueto.

Idoia Alvarez

Myriam Esparza

Julen hernaiz

Irene Garcia

Maria Garcia

Edu Cerro

Begoña from Bilbao

Santiago Guerasim Pérez Muelas

Yolanda Aguado

Jacqueline Jimenez Cruz

Laura Montes

Marijose garcia

Maria Paz Albillar Aparicio

Gloria Villanueva Echegoyen

Silvia Baiges

Sergio Sola Perez

Maite Pueyo

Nancy Barreiro Aros

Loli Justice

Yolanda perez

Sagrario Ibañez Ardanaz

Ana Larreta

Ana Urtasun

Susana M.- Bayarri

Arantxa Ayarra

Isabel basterra

Carmen Canabate

Beatriz Jimenez

Medina Atxutegui

Fidel Garrués

Isabel basterra

Idoia Medina Atxutegui

Lidija Veronika Moreno

Miriam Bonera Brun

Toñy Aguilera Moya

Silvia Moreno Vazquez

Ana Villarroya Ballarín

Ana Fernandez Zudaire

M Ángeles Fernández Zudaire

Lorraine Montenegro

Nubia loayza

Julen buldain

Juan Antonio Buldain

Felipe Sesma

Fernando Jimenez

Sergio Sola Perez

Xabin Andueza of the Era

Asun Lezaun

Carmen Vela

CET Goroabe

Miriam Fraile López

Marian Ibanez

Esperanza Sagaseta by Ilurdoz

Soco Santos

Mariana valdez

Paula Arraras

Immaculate Career

Cristina Grábalos Palomino

Trinidad Garcia

Gema Martin

Pilar Navarro

Eder Etxaide

Naomi Allo

Mari carmen del moral

Lourdes ruiz

Xabier Yárnoz Alfaro