Welcome to Olympia Cup! Base + Absolute.


Next Saturday, March 6, the Olympia Cup will be broadcast in the morning and afternoon.


Operation of the cup:


The groups will compete from February 22 to February 25, in the afternoon throughout the week. The exercise will be carried out via Zoom and later the video recorded on a second device and the original music of the exercise will be sent. It is important to emphasize that the group performs the exercise 1 time live and this shot is the valid one and the one that is evaluated. In this way we achieve a high broadcast quality.


For each Club you can register 1 only set at all and 1 on base (i.e. 2 max) , the 1st Category does not count. With this we want it to be a national championship with a lot of diversity of clubs, we want all possible to participate. In case of registering more than 1 group, the registration will be invalidated. We have 8 places per category.

In the case of exceeding 8 sets, the first 8 will be admitted


Complete registrations. Only available first category.

Olympia Cup