appliance liners

We present our collection of rolls for rhythmic gymnastics equipment, ideal for covering your equipment such as hoops and clubs, you can also use them to decorate a multitude of objects.

Adhesive tapes

Below, you can see all the variety of colors that we have of adhesive tapes and rolls for rhythmic gymnastics equipment:

Adhesive liner for appliances

Cover your hoops up to 90cm or your clubs with our adhesive tapes. They adhere to the apparatus you need and will give it color and life to match your exercise and your rhythmic leotard.

On this page you have different models and colors to choose from, find the one that best suits your taste. The linings you find on this website are 100% VINKOVA .

Rolls to decorate hoops and clubs


Our adhesive rolls have the characteristic of giving a great color and contrast, perfect to be the center of attention in the tapestry.

We have many colors such as iridescent red, iridescent fluorine green and an endless number of combinations so that you can choose the adhesive lining that best suits your rhythmic gymnastics apparatus.