Brazil – Rhythmic gymnastics leotards

Rhythmic gymnastics leotard girl Brazil

We present the Brazil bodysuit, a model of children’s leotard to dress the little ones with the theme they like the most.

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Brazil – Rhythmic Gymnastics Girl’s Leotard

Rhythmic gymnastics leotard Brazil

Sizing of our rhythmic gymnastics leotards

You can see our leotards sizing chart here, and you can also request a size test of your rhythmic gymnastics leotard.

The correct choice of leotard size is essential. Remember that our garments are customized and manufactured on request, so we do not accept return. You can see our terms and conditions in this link. This is why it is so important to choose the right rhythmic gymnastics leotard for girls. Remember that we have our own sizing, the sizes do NOT correspond to age, they are our own sizes with our own measurements. In the case of requesting rhythmic leotards with only the size chart there is a great risk of getting it wrong with the size of your rhythmic gymnastics leotard. For this reason we strongly recommend that you request proof of size.

Leotards vary by size. Having to provide the design according to size, these designs vary in adaptation.

What is the leotard size test?

We send the sizes you order to the address you specify, so you can try on our rhythmic gymnastics costumes and make sure which one is right for you. The leotard will be made with the same pattern as in the size test you receive, so it must stay the same as long as you maintain the same measurements.

What are the characteristics of Vinkova Leotards rhythmic gymnastics leotards?

Our rhythmic gymnastics costumes are mainly made of high quality lycra, we have a catalogue of all of them. We can also develop a girls rhythmic gymnastics leotard for you completely to your own design and colors.

The rhythmic costumes we make are finished with a “boat” neckline, giving more width in the back than in the chest. By doing them in this way, we make it easier for the small gymnasts to take it off and put it on without having someone remove the brooch, it prevents the brooch from being keyed during the exercise and by not having to include the tear on the back, does not cut the design. This option is not eligible, all our rhythmic gymnastics leotards are made this way.

Rhythmic gymnastics and Brazil

In Brazil, rhythmic gymnastics is a very old tradition. The first rhythmic gymnastics championship is said to have been held in, and it has been practiced regularly in Brazil ever since. In the 20th century, rhythmic gymnastics gained much popularity in Brazil, and the country has produced some of the best gymnasts in the world. At the Brasilia Olympic Games in, a gymnast won the gold medal in the rhythmic gymnastics individual all-around competition.

A fourteen-year-old girl from Brazil, Brasilia, stunned the world in when she became the first gymnast to achieve a perfect score at the Brazil Olympics. She was not only a prodigious gymnast, she was also beautiful, and her charming personality captivated the public. After her success in Brazil, she became an international star and travelled the world, giving exhibitions and performances. But in, she suffered a serious accident at an exhibition in Brasilia. He fell from a great height. After the accident, she retired from gymnastics and devoted herself to family and other activities. But then, returned to gymnastics and competed again. He also founded his own gymnastics school in Brazil. She is an inspiration to all gymnasts, and her story shows that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. In, Brasilia hosted the Olympic Games, and Brazil was the host. It was a very proud moment for all Brazilians, and rhythmic gymnastics was one of the stars of the Games. The Brazilian gymnast won the gold medal in the individual competition, and the other Brazilian gymnasts also won the gold medal in the team competition. It was a great success for Brazilian rhythmic gymnastics, and Brazilian gymnasts have been at the forefront of the sport ever since.