Berlin – Rhythmic gymnastics leotard

Rhythmic gymnastics girl’s leotard Berlin

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New rhythmic gymnastics girl’s leotard Berlin

Rhythmic gymnastics leotard model Berlin.

Your ideal leotard to wear for your favourite sport, with the Berlin model you will feel perfect for your rhythmic gymnastics exercise.

Would you like to wear this leotard for your rhythmic gymnastics exercises?

This Berlin leotard comes in a high quality design with a boat neck finish, which gives you a wide back, a jersey with all the colours and functions you want. With maximum comfort when exercising, the Berlin model is easy to put on and take off for every rhythmic gymnastics competition.

Thanks to the way our leotards are made, all our customers are satisfied with their purchase. Take advantage now and be among the first to wear it!

What are the advantages of our Berlin Rhythmic model?

Our Berlin model is one of the most up to date leotards we have made as a rhythmic brand. We are pleased to present them on our website and hope you like them. The Berlin model comes with one of our high quality rashguards, which will give you the comfort you need.

Gymnasts who have already enjoyed it have told us that they felt very comfortable in this Berlin rhythmic gymnastics jersey, we hope you enjoy it too.

Sizing of our rhythmic gymnastics leotards for girls

You can see our leotards sizing chart here, and you can also request a size test of your rhythmic gymnastics jersey.

The correct choice of leotard size is essential. Remember that our garments are customized and manufactured on request, so we do not accept return. You can see our terms and conditions in this link. This is why it is so important to choose the right rhythmic gymnastics leotard for girls. Remember that we have our own sizing, the sizes do NOT correspond to age, they are our own sizes with our own measurements. In the case of requesting rhythmic leotards with only the size chart there is a great risk of getting it wrong with the size of your rhythmic gymnastics jersey. For this reason we strongly recommend that you request proof of size.

Jerseys vary by size. Having to provide the design according to size, these designs vary in adaptation.


What is the jersey size test?


We send the sizes you order to the address you specify, so you can try on our rhythmic gymnastics costumes and make sure which one is right for you. The jersey will be made with the same pattern as in the size test you receive, so it must stay the same as long as you maintain the same measurements.


What are the characteristics of Vinkova Leotards rhythmic gymnastics leotards?


Our rhythmic gymnastics costumes are mainly made of high quality lycra, we have a catalogue of all of them. We can also develop a girls rhythmic gymnastics leotard for you completely to your own design and colours.

The rhythmic costumes we make are finished with a “boat” neckline, giving more width in the back than in the chest. By doing them in this way, we make it easier for the small gymnasts to take it off and put it on without having someone remove the brooch, it prevents the brooch from being keyed during the exercise and by not having to include the tear on the back, does not cut the design. This option is not eligible, all our rhythmic gymnastics jerseys are made this way.