Looking for a rhythmic gymnastics leotard for girls?


We present our range of rhythmic gymnastics leotards for girls, with a children’s theme, so that they can enjoy the sport dressed as their favourite character. Each leotard is designed for the gymnast to enjoy and perform what makes her happy.

Within each design of rhythmic leotard you can choose from several options of crystals, all of them go in bodysuit and sleeveless, we have created this range to simplify the whole buying process and choose with 1 click the one you like the most.

Our leotards are made with the best fabrics on the market, manufactured in Spain. All the manufacturing process of the leotards is made in Spain, European Union.


Rhythmic bodysuits for girls


In this catalogue of girls’ rhythmic leotards, all of them are made in leotard, as it is the most comfortable option for all gymnasts and the easiest to put on and take off! This way they have more autonomy and we favour their freedom as sportsmen and women.

In addition, the body allows a better view of the gymnast’s figure and a better evaluation of the exercise.


Rhythmic gymnastics jerseys for girls with crystals or without crystals?


Within each type and design of leotard, you can choose from several options, with or without crystals. Within the option of crystals, you can choose them unattached, so you can decorate the leotard yourself to your liking, or if you prefer, we can decorate it ourselves for your convenience. You can always order the leotard without crystals, as they have a nice design with lots of colour and the gymnast will be just as happy.

Rhythmic gymnastics leotards for girls

The little ones have to enjoy sport as much as the older ones, that’s why we have created this range for them, that’s why our rhythmic gymnastics leotards for girls are a perfect choice and even more so with this children’s edition.