Just out of bankruptcy:


The Lycra range is based on a leotard made from a single layer of printed Lycra.

This rashguard has powerful colors and a flesh color that is almost the same as the flesh of rhythmic tights with cut fabrics.


The Diva range is a collection composed of 2 layers, 1 layer of tulle and 1 layer of Lycra.
This range gives an extraordinary result, offers a finish very similar to the cut and has a great strength of color.

This range is always decorated with our best crystals, with a minimum of 1800 hotfix crystals and sew-on crystals.

This range allows us to have a very high-quality leotard and great performance for a very reasonable price.

Which range to choose?

It depends on the budget, the Diva range has a far superior quality and comes already decorated, in the case of basic/absolute competitions, we think it is the most suitable, it is the one we used to dress the Spanish national team in the junior set.
The Lycra range offers a very good result from only €79.