Leggings Versailles

Leggings Versailles Vinkova – 2020 Collection. 

Designed, made and developed in Spain. 

Made with top quality lycra, providing comfort and durability to each garment.


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Versailles Leggings Set – VINKOVA 


Enjoy Our Range Of Leggings To Stay Up To Date With Your Comfortable Sportswear. 


Versailles was the unofficial capital of the Kingdom of France from May 1682 to September 1715 . Throughout the entire period, Paris remained the official capital of France, and the official royal palace was the Palais du Louvre, but the practical affairs of government were conducted to Versailles and Versailles was regarded as the true 

(unofficial) capital. A mixture of strong and delicate colors and textures, fine and aggressive, perfect and messy. An exclusive and vibrant design that you will love to work out inOur VINKOVA Versailles leggings mix sensations and provoke emotions in the wearer. Our leggings exude personality and extravagance. Combine with our VINKOVA Versailles top to make the perfect ensemble. It is important to note that our tops are lined internally to make them more comfortable to wear.

Comfort of the garments assured. Do you dare to live out your wildest fantasy?


Sets Of Leggings And Tops: 


You can view our entire range of tops and leggings at this link. 


All our outfits have a reversible waistband, each one is unique and unrepeatable, as long as you don’t copy it


All tops and leggings are available in sizes 6-XL 

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane. 


We Like It For: 


  • Combine with any sports activity, rhythmic gymnastics, running … 
  • The top is lined on the inside, making it more comfortable so you can avoid  wearing a second garment underneath. 
  • Hyper-comfortable and fashionable, putting an outfit together has never been so easy. 
  • Leggings, with their high waist, emphasise the figure. 
  • They adapt very well to the body. 
  • The leggings have a reversible waistband – so you can wear it raised, or if you prefer to show 
  • your waist, you can fold it down and show a second VINKOVA logo different from the main one. 
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