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Using test size leotards, you can place an order using correct sizing. Select the sizes you need and the date of receipt and collection (max 2 business days later).

    Indicate if you want to receive the size test jerseys in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.
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    The package will arrive during the day to the address you indicate once the order is finished.
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    The package will be collected during the day at the same place of delivery of the jerseys, in case of delay the cost per day not returned is € 4.

Sizing leotards are essential to choosing the correct size for the gymnast. Simply select the sizes you need, the date of shipment and collection, the latter being 2 business days later at most. We will send them to you and we will pick them up at the same place that you indicate. Remember that if you place an order for more than 10 jerseys, we will discount the cost of the size test on the purchase.

For each extra day that the jerseys are not returned there will be a € 4 surcharge that will not be refunded in the next purchase in case of exceeding 10 jerseys.