Hotfix HD Capri Blue

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Hotfix thermoadhesive glass


Decorate your rhythmic gymnastics clothes or leotards with our hotfix crystals.


The placement is done by heat, since it has the thermo-adhesive on the glass itself. You can also apply glue to each of them individually.

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Hotfix strass crystal

Hotfix strass crystal with smooth adhesive. Allows application on garments with heat applicators.


High-gloss Strass hotfix crystal , giving a great result for an unbeatable price. The preferred crystal used in sports such as rhythmic gymnastics is Strass hotfix, being able to decorate rhythmic gymnastics leotards relatively quickly and giving great results.



Available sizes in this rhinestone:


SS16 (1400 hotfix crystals)

SS20 (1400 hotfix crystals)

SS30 (280 hotfix crystals)


Discover our entire range of high gloss hotfix crystals.


How to place the hotfix strass crystal?

Only by applying heat to the glass, it will stick to the garment thanks to the thermal adhesive that is included in each hotfix glass.

Once placed, it is advisable to leave the jersey to rest for a few hours so that the adhesive acts correctly and stabilizes, since it ensures a correct grip of the rhinestone on the garment. This point is important, because if the rest time is not respected, the hotfix glass adhesive will not act correctly.


Can I wash the garment if it has hotfix strass crystals attached?

Yes, you can wash it, but you have to keep in mind that these crystals adhere with heat, so if you wash it with hot water, it is very likely that the glue will activate and release.

In the case of using the dryer, they will come off with total safety. SO DO NOT USE THE DRYER!

We recommend washing the garments by hand and in cold water.



Find in VINKOVA Leotards all the crystals for rhythmic gymnastics . Decorate your jerseys with hotfix thermo-adhesive crystals.


These crystals are totally recommended to decorate your rhythmic gymnastics leotard.

You can also decorate it with sewing crystals, mirror crystals and other accessories, which will help you give a point of light to the jersey and, as it is larger, it will give it more presence in the exercise.

You can find them in different sizes and shapes in the strass crystal menu on the page.


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SS16 Hotfix, SS20 Hotfix, SS30 Hotfix