Ordering with us is really easy, just choose the jersey you want, select all the details you want to be included with it and make the payment.

Please note that we introduce new designs every year and that each design can be chosen freely in any province.. If you have questions about whether this design has already been sold in your community, please contact us, but keep in mind that we do not reserve designs, nor do we block designs by community, nor do we advise whether it has been sold or not.

In the case of personalized designs, which we reserve for 1 year, once this year is over we will have the freedom to publish it, becoming our property. The cost of making the custom design is lower than the actual cost, so design ownership is what we consider to be our markup.



The delivery of the jersey takes place in 6 to 8 weeksIn the case of busy periods (the natural ones before championships) we can delay delivery to 9-10 weeks, there are factors that we cannot control and it is possible that they may be delayed, therefore we ask you to choose and pay for the jersey as early as possible for competitions or exhibitions. Remember that the delivery time begins when the payment is received. In the case of requesting a custom design, the time begins when the design is approved.



We have our sizing list, as we know how important it is to find your perfect size, we have a size test. so you can choose the jerseys that you think you can use, we just charge the shipping and return and 1,5€ for each size you order, you will have 2 days to try on the jerseys and send them back to us, you don’t have to worry about anything, just close the box and wait for the transport agency to pick it up. If you order more than 10 leotards, the entire cost of the size test will be deducted from your order and will be free of charge.


Payments (including VAT) for purchases from VINKOVA Leotards are made by bank transfer or Banco Santander payment gateway. The buyer will therefore enjoy the protection of these channels at all times.

The website has SSL security protocols.

When the shipping service is contracted, the amount is paid along with the rest of the order before it is shipped.



Once the order and payment have been made, it is not possible to cancel the order, as at that moment the production of the order begins.

About us: Xabier Yárnoz Alfaro, 72811254Q

Located at C/Aoiz Nº 35, bajo, Pamplona, Navarra. 31004.

Email: info@vinkovaleotards.com

Telephone: +34 634567023



Deliveries are made through various transport agencies, including 24H express parcel service. We are not responsible for delays caused by them.

  • Size test

Steps to be taken:

  1. You receive and try on the sizes sent (4 to 5 days).
  2. Choose the right size, if you hesitate between 2, always choose the bigger one.. If you are ordering a jersey from the DIVA range, bear in mind that as it has 2 layers, it is a little tighter.
  3. Notify your nearest Nacex centre and tell them that you have a VINKOVA collection with the VINKOVA account to be made at your home address, give them your address and date, the type of delivery is E-Nacex. You will not be charged for it. If you have problems at this point, please call us.

For each extra day that the jerseys are not returned there will be a surcharge of 4€.

  • Catalogue leotards

The order will be dispatched once payment has been made, in the event of a delay, it will remain pending payment and will then be in process.



All designs are made by computer, depending on the size the design undergoes modifications, since it has to adapt to different measurements, but always trying to be as close to the original proportions.

If time-spaced designs are requested, there will be color variations.

Unless an exclusivity contract has been signed at the request of the customer, the exclusivity periods of each range of jerseys can be modified by the company This is a deference to our company, which retains at all times the rights of reproduction of each design and the exclusivity of each one of them.


We provide size tests and give you all the possibilities so that there are no mistakes with the sizes and you get it right the first time, as well as being as transparent with you from the beginning, but you also have to know that the jersey is made to order.

No returns are allowed except in the case of a manufacturing defect, which will be exchanged for exactly the same as the one ordered.

Refunds will be made if the jersey has never been worn.. In the event that this occurs, although it is not common, the claim must be made as soon as possible from the reception of the jersey, at most before 1 week from the receipt of the jersey, once this week no returns will be accepted.

If you have any problems with your order, you can send photos to any of our contacts available on our website.

Once the return has been accepted, it will be made in a single shipment.


  • The customer is responsible for the measurements is the client and for any problems arising from incorrect sizing.
  • In the case of our range of personalised products (Diva), in accordance with current law, they cannot be returned as they cannot be used retrospectively.