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Vinkova Cup was born from the sensation that our closest club transmitted to us, Alaia Rhythmic Club .


After holding their own online championship, they realized the great positive impact it had on the gymnasts in the weeks that followed, as they had regained their reason for training , which is the presentation and competition of the work of a whole year. It caught our attention and we did not think that online events were so necessary, so with this idea we decided to set up an online tournament and give back a tiny part of what this sport had given us. At the birthday dinner of one of our mothers on February 1 we commented: “Hey, what if we set up a Vinkova Cup?” and everything in itself amazed us. I do not know how you live the creation of new ideas and projects, but there are some that are clear from the moment they arise. Spatial vision is not necessary, the idea is simply itself and you become a servant of the idea.


We decided to call our friends from Myrhythmic, We know that they are targeting a bombing, they are experts in audiovisual montages and we knew that without them this idea would not be possible. We have been seeing their work with the Master Class for several years and we continue to be amazed by everything, for them, for their work, for their passion (did you know that they went to Moscow to technify Spanish gymnasts with the best Russian gymnasts in the world?). . We are aware of all the work that is needed to reach the quality of the event that we have planned and I can only, once again, raise my hat and say: THANK YOU, thank you for your willingness, work and for a way of being exemplary . I have lived it seeing how you smiled after endless days and I can only applaud the involvement you have in each project, thank you for adding with those surprises that we do not want to reveal, only someone like you could achieve it.


With the first support obtained, we could only think of two people, the first was Almudena We knew that he was going to like the idea and we were thinking of asking him to give us a hand with the concept, to be in an interview or to do a raffle, a support from a friend who always thinks about supporting the sport. Has it ever happened to you that someone says yes to everything? Sometimes it makes you dizzy! Thanks to how it is, today you will enjoy it, commenting on each of the groups that are going to compete and with a research work on each of them that has involved a lot of time. We believe that you are one of the best people we have met in our life, we never say the best because there are people around us who we love madly.


The second person we thought of was Isa, she has a small store in Villena and for a few years, she has been manufacturing toe caps for rhythmic gymnastics, she says that the experience of the years has taught her to make them good, but We believe that they are the best in the world (Now that I think about it, they make ours, so we have the best leaders in the world from our point of view, double check). Since I came to this world, she hugged me and took care of me like one of her own and she is my older sister. Of course it was animated with everything more or less like this:

– “Isa, I’m riding a championship, give me a cable!”

+ “You’re crazy, you can’t!”

– “Onlineeeeee!”

+ “You’re crazy anyway! But count on me!”

So it was encouraged with a raffle among the participants. Thanks Dvillena for everything always, to you Isa and to all of you.


Of course I called my friend Miguel from MMSport , has the best balls from here to Japan and I wanted them to be present in some way (a while ago, in the pre-covid era, he gave us sobrasada and I don’t know what to do to make him do it again), something similar happened to what happened to us with Dvillena: “You’re crazy , but count on me. ” So he’s going to give us a hand with one of the raffles, thanks Miguel and the whole family.


Thanks to Tapigym For encouraging yourself in the adventure of collaborating, I am convinced that we will have funny anecdotes in the future.


We have been fortunate to have great national and international judges, we believe that it is very important that a championship has honesty in scoring and when you play with the best, it is difficult to fail. Thank you, you are a pillar of sport and we must take care of you the best possible so that you can carry out your work as freely and fairly as possible, we are aware that our championship is to walk around the house and that is why we value your disposition doubly.


And lastly and for this reason, the most important thing, since you are the sport and all the rest of us only accompany you:



We hope you enjoy our first online drink,

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