Perla cerámica Hotfix Rojo

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Perla cerámica Hotfix Rojo

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Ceramic Pearl Hotfix AB 

Ceramic hotfix pearls with a smooth adhesive which allows application on garments with heat applicators.


Ceramic pearl rhinestone hotfix.. These pearls can be used to decorate rhythmic gymnastics leotards relatively quickly with great results.


Size of the hotfix ceramic pearls AB 


6mm (100 pearls


8mm (100 pearls


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How do you place the hotfix rhinestones

Using a heat applicator, apply heat to the pearl. The pearl will stick to the garment using the thermal adhesive included on the back of each pearl. Once the pearl is attached to your garment

we advise the jersey is left for a few hours to allow the adhesive to stabilise. This ensures that the rhinestone has the correct grip on the garment. 


Can I wash a garment with hotfix rhinestones

Yes, the garment can be washed. However, please keep in mind that our pearls adhere with heat 

If your garment is washed in hot water, the glue will most likely reactivate and release. 


Garments should not be placed in a dryer after washing. This will cause the pearls to release. 

We recommend washing your garments in cold water by hand to protect the hotfix rhinestones. 


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These pearls are recommended to decorate your rhythmic gymnastics leotard. 


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